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Clomid buy australia ? i need to know. anon274090 Post 49 I know my mom was given 50mcg of clomid before she first had her daughter's baby but I was never told that 50mcg is not safe for breastfeeding at her breast (i tried to breastfeed my daughter when she was 3 and became Generic effexor weight loss depressed so I started taking it). The only time I even heard the term "clomid" is when it on the drug labels because it's always used with oxytocin, and I have no clue why it was not mentioned there. Am I still at risk though? Does 50mcg of clomid still affect my kid? anon273438 Post 48 It's a new pill, so I don't know what they are called, and if it will be taken in the next couple of months or not, but it's not "for" breastfed babies. I had my oldest for five years and was on Clomid. I had a little "hiccup" and was told to go up a little on the dose. I did, and she did breastfeed. I had my second child after one year on Clomid. I was told sulfate free drugstore shampoo brands that buy cheap celexa online my breast milk would be a "high quality" type because we had been breastfeeding for awhile, and I hadn't been using a pump. We haven't pumped much, so maybe I did breastfeed too long close to the end of medication? I have not been on Clomid and no longer use it. I had high blood pressure before (which was caused by my own blood pressure- I am a diabetic), so know how high blood pressure can be from a lack of exercise and it can hurt from being dehydrated. I had hypertension again and a CABG surgery due to hypertension. Can Clomid harm my baby's health? How will doctor know when breastfeeding is no longer needed? anon272988 Post 47 My 6 month old baby was on Clomid for the first six weeks of his life, had two feeding difficulties and then we stopped the Clomid because he had "expired" and it took him a week to return normal. Now one month later, his hair has increased in weight on his head and he has a little bit of matted hair. His skin has been dry and irritated lately it seems very unusual. We take Clomid daily so are concerned. I don't think he's having any problems with clomid because we use it with good judgment, but might be the result of an expired or improperly dosed medication. anon273243 Post 46 My son is two weeks old. He went into the hospital on Saturday and was taken back to his room on Sunday. He seems fine, he's fed there hasn't been any medical problems and there haven't been any signs of withdrawal. When we put him back to sleep his eyelids would flutter, and when she wiggled her tail he rolled over and his eyelids would droop he wouldn't sleep straight at all. After we got home he started sleeping through the night but wouldn't wake up on his own. We took him to the vet and he is on anti-anxiety Meds, which should help. We just feel really bad about our son being sick. It is very upsetting to see a Celexa 40mg $64.8 - $2.16 Per pill sick child. view entire post anon269417 Post 45 My husband was getting his prescription.

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