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What Drug Is Losartan A Generic For >> Enhance Your Sexual Performance Today

Cozaar is used for treating high blood pressure alone or with other medicines.

What is the generic drug for losartan ? The generic drug for losartan is known as LOSARTAN. How does this drug work? Losartan is a generic form of the diabetes drug, lisinopril (Evista) What kind of side effects can I expect if take losartan? There is no known link between having too much of losartan or not enough it on the body. In fact, there is no known amount or potency of losartan that anyone should take. Therefore, there is no way to predict if you will experience any side effects with losartan. can include any or all of: Nausea Vomiting Headaches/migraines Loss of appetite How should I stop taking losartan? There is no specific cure for or way to stop having take losartan. However, you can stop taking losartan whenever you want. This medication is also not for people who have had a stroke, severe heart conditions or have had a blood clot in the brain. Also, please do not start losartan if you have any of these problems or take any medications because of them. Some patients may have an allergic reaction when they start losartan. Therefore, we encourage you to report these reactions in writing to us so that we can take steps to help eliminate them. It is very important that you tell us about any reaction you have after received losartan so that we can take steps to make sure that you don't ever have a reaction to losartan. If I need to have more than one dose in a day, am I going to have take lisinopril (Evista) for a long time to get the desired benefits? Yes. A daily dose of lisinopril (Evista) for 6 months is generally recommended. That the normal course of treatment with losartan. If you do not respond to a 6 month course of treatment, please infor